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I am a small company that operates in St Margaret's and surrounding areas. Whether your computer has crashed, you have been a victim of a virus infection or even if your hardware has failed - Don't Panic! - There is a solution.

Just give me a call to sort your problem out. I can help with most problems you may be having with your PC. Perhaps you want to move over to a new PC but transferring all your data and getting set up is putting you off, no problem.

I often find there is something small that is stopping people from getting the most out of their system and an hour or two with me could really help you get up and running. Don't be frightened of getting me in, I am easy going and not intimidating, no matter how silly you think you may be!

He who asks a question looks silly for a minute, he who doesn't remains silly forever.

Perhaps you want to get several systems networked, or you have a printer and want it to work with your laptop without having to keep plugging it in, no problem.

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