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Web Design

I offer a simple service for web design. If you want a web site that shows people who you are and what you can do, I can help. If you want to manage the web site yourself, putting up new content, running a blog, forum or just sharing photos that's no problem. I can configure the web site for you and hand over the project for you to administer - be your own webmaster.

If you have business stationery that can form the basis for your design, if not I can provide a design and logo for your business for a modest extra cost.

If you want to trade via your web site I will currently only handle projects that use third party gateway services to process payments (for example paypal) because it keeps things simple in a world where we are all concerned about shopping safely online.

To get a web site up and running you need a name so people can find it and somewhere to put it. I can host your site for you, prices vary on what you want, what you want it to do, how much traffic you get, whether you want search engine optimization etc. so it's best to talk.
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