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Have you got a new gizmo that you want to get installed? Perhaps you have had it for some time and it would be nice to get it working properly, or you are thinking of buying something but the thought of getting it installed is putting you off.

I can help with all types of hardware upgrade; memory, disk drives, SSD upgrades, graphics cards etc. Some upgrades can have an effect on other parts of your system. For example new graphics cards often require a lot of power to operate, requiring a PSU upgrade. Why take a chance installing it yourself and risk unforeseen problems? I can help to make sure everything works properly.

Perhaps you have bought a new laptop and want to print with it. Maybe you have been constantly plugging and unplugging your printer. You may be able to use your current printer wirelessly (even if it is not a wireless model). I could help advise to make sure you get one that will do what you want it to, conveniently.

Get all your gadgets configured properly and talking to each other.


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